For various reasons learning to drive and overcoming various disabilities can seem a daunting prospect. Questions such as will the instructor understand my needs? Is it possible for me to gain a driving licence? Here at Tim Simms Driving School I pride myself on offering a unique tailor made service to suit each individual. If you want to start your lessons, or finish the process of gaining your licence, I am here to help.

Dyspraxic Driving Lessons

If you are dyspraxic I can help you. I will help you plan your lessons and help you learn to drive. I am very patient, and understand learner drivers who are dyspraxic need to have their lessons planned to help overcome the difficulties that can be expected when learning to drive.


Dyslexic Driving Lessons

I understand that dyslexia can complicate the learning process, especially if the driving instructor does not have a full understanding of your needs. I am skilled and experienced with assisting dyslexic students and here to help you pass your driving test (both Theory and Practical) and equip you with the skills for safe driving for life.

I'd be delighted to take your enquiry - please call on...

07980517739 or 01254 582447