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How to Pass Your Driving Test First Time

  • Be consistent. Make sure you take a driving lesson every week. Where possible those who do find that they make much better progress. Also  Where possible, commit to one and a half to two hour lessons. ONE HOUR LESSONS DO NOT PROVIDE THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY.  By the time you have recapped the previous lesson and discussed your objectives for the current one and driven to the training area 15 minutes could have passed and with the recap at the end that adds up to 20 minutes out of a 60 minute lesson.
  • Be Prepared. To get the best out of your lesson you must be in the right frame of mind. If homework has been set do it. this way you will get the best value for money out of YOUR lesson
  • Begin With a Recap. Your instructor should begin with a recap of what was learned on the previous lesson. Don't underestimate the value of this to confirm your understanding.
  • Lesson Objective. It is vital that every lesson has a definite objective so that you will understand what will be covered and how it will move you to your goal and develop your skills.
  •  Your Lessons should be Structured and follow a definite path from an easy start to more challenging as you progress through the lesson. Your instructor will be asking questions to check your understanding.
  • Summary of Lesson. What is discussed at the end of the lesson will be remembered most. This time is well spent and will ensure your progress
  • Self Evaluate. Be confident and ready for the test. if you are still making a lot of mistakes during your lesson, you are probably not readyand will make even more mistakes on the test.
  • Listen to the Advice of Your Instructor. Instructors are highly trained and experienced in evaluating when you are test ready.
  • Believe in your ability and make your first driving test your last!